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October 17, 2014

Overlapping 2D and 3D Elements in Mobile Safari

This may seem like an arcane subject, but if you are using 3D transforms in CSS, understanding it could save you some headaches. In our case, we were working on a client site with the following heading:

February 19, 2014

Introducing Chris Alexander

ChrisWe welcome Chris Alexander to the team. Chris joined us in September and works from our office at The Hive in downtown Fort Collins. Chris is an experienced programmer specializing in PHP as …

July 23, 2013

YouTube Audio and Video Out of Sync – (Window) Size Matters

A common request came from one of our clients the other day: “I want to include some YouTube videos on my website. Can you do that for me?” No problem! We’ll simply get your videos uploaded, find the handy “Embed” …

July 3, 2012

Develop and test websites for multiple devices using new Firefox tools

In a recent Firefox Nightly release, Firefox has added a “Responsive Mode” to their built-in web developer tools. The new Responsive Mode tool creates a window inside of your web browser that …

June 26, 2012

Customer Case Studies –

Just Trails websiteHave you ever tried searching for hiking trails, mountain biking trails, or snow shoeing trails online? We just finished building and launching a brand new website for client Al Walsh that makes …

June 19, 2012

Mobile Debugging with Opera Dragonfly

Opera DragonflyIt’s no secret that mobile websites are the new big thing in web development. And while the number of devices that support a decent mobile browser have been rapidly increasing for some time, …

June 11, 2012

Website Tip – Offer visitors the option to subscribe to your blog via email

Do you blog? If you are like me, you are always looking for new and effective ways to engage your website visitors. If you maintain a blog on your website an excellent technique is to offer your visitors the choice …

April 23, 2012

Responsive Web Design – Off Canvas Layout Demo

off-canvas layout demo - jason weaverIn a recent blog post I mentioned the “Off Canvas” design pattern described by Luke Wroblewski as one of the emerging layout patterns in websites designed using Responsive Web …

April 16, 2012

Mobile Monday – 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report

iPad being used while waiting for a trainOn February 23, 2012 Comscore released the 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report. This annual report examines the mobile and connected device landscape, covering several mobile …

April 9, 2012

Layout Patterns in Responsive Web Design

multi-device web design patternsAs more web designers and web developers are creating websites using Responsive Web Design techniques, design patterns are starting to emerge. Luke Wroblewski’s article titled “Multi-Device Layout Patterns” catalogs emerging layout …

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