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We’ve got you covered

We specialize in design and development of web applications and complex websites.

We work in WordPress as well as half a dozen other Content Management Systems. We build web applications using the Laravel framework for PHP, React, Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

Spectrum of clients

  • Small to large businesses with national or global reach
  • Marketing agencies
  • Clients wanting to update and modernize
  • Clients looking to enhance their existing websites
  • Collaborative projects with other web developers
  • Clients seeking help to maintain their existing websites

Web Applications

Web apps are custom software that live in the cloud (instead of on your own computer).

When your needs are complex, a web application may be the right answer. We’ve built web apps that connect families in need with item donors, display current and historic air quality data for National Parks, and sell tickets for live performances by world-renowned comedians.

Web applications have an important advantage over native iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows applications: web applications are hosted in the cloud and run anywhere. When we create a single responsive web application, it runs on every device. There’s no need to pay for separate native iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows applications.

Custom Websites

It’s all about you. Our designers are highly skilled at creating a 100% unique design just for you that reflects the true character of your organization. You’ll notice this in the range of design styles evident throughout our portfolio. Our approach makes your website stand out from your competition.

Mobile matters most. Applying Responsive Web Design (RWD) techniques throughout our design and development process, your website will work beautifully on every device from the latest smartphone to tablets to large monitors. We even built a site for the kiosk in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Visitor Center.

You own it. When the project is completed, you own the custom design and code created especially for you.

Web accessibility

Making your website more usable by everyone – including people with permanent disabilities, temporary disabilities, or no disabilities at all – is worthy of your attention.

There are numerous reasons to improve the accessibility of your website:

  • Compliance with ADA, Section 508 or other legal requirements
  • Growing your customer base by making your website usable by the largest audience possible
  • Implementing web accessibility makes your website easier for everyone to use
  • Because it’s the right thing to do

Whatever your reason, we can help make your website conformant with WCAG 2.2 Level AA guidelines.

Other Services

Upgrades and redesigns

Fresh look and functionality. Do you already have a website? Let us redesign it for you. A fresh look and new functionality keeps customers interested and gives you a stronger, more effective presence on the web.

Responsive design. If your site doesn’t function well on phones and tablets, we’ll use our responsive design expertise to make it perform perfectly.

Mobile-friendly. If you’re not sure if you have a mobile-friendly site, you can test it here. This tool provides detailed information about fixes you can do to make your site more mobile-friendly (and desktop-friendly, too).

Accessibility audits

Check out these prompts as a first step to walking in someone else’s shoes.

Every site can improve on accessibility. By completing an Accessibility Review, we can dive deeper into your site and recommend specific accessibility enhancements. Read on to learn more about Accessibility and how it can improve your website.

Website spot check

The Website Spot Check is like a checkup at the doctor’s office. It’s a chance to ask a few questions and get a high-level understanding of your website’s general health. Learn more about our Website Spot Check and how you can find out if your site is as fit as a fiddle.

Want to see some of our latest work? Take a look at our portfolio.

CodeGeek shepherded us through a fairly complex website project with a lot of hard-to-categorize content with patience, creativity and seemingly bottomless problem solving skills. They understood us and where we wanted to go, and that is why we have an excellent website, which we continue to be able to evolve to meet our changing needs. Yet, the most meaningful feedback we could give is that we are now working with CodeGeek on a second website project.

Vanessa Agee, Marketing and Communications Director Town of Frisco, CO