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A Geeky Project

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

In a project we all would have loved to supervise on location, CodeGeek upgraded this national park’s website and visitor center kiosk display.

The challenge

The main challenge was that the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (HAVO) required both a web page view and a kiosk view for the visitor center, satisfying needs for both in-person and online audiences. The people who would be using this site included both scientists conducting research and visitors who are sensitive to poor air quality. The latter group need to be able to see the current conditions at the park including locations of gas plumes coming from the volcanoes to decide where within the park to visit. The data needed to be easy to understand, but still remain useful to the technical group.

Project highlights

Data Visualization / Kiosk Implementation / Responsive Web Design / Single-Page Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design

Hawaii volcanoes main dashboard next to a mobile view of the Park information summary page.

The solution

Much debate and planning was conducted to make sure that the website and kiosk met both audiences’ needs. To accomplish the project goals, CodeGeek used interactive maps, real-time webcam images and data displays. We also made the website responsive so that a single website could be used easily by people who were on their desktop computers at work, on their smartphones on the way to the park, or at the kiosk in the park itself.

Hawaii volcanoes park data being displayed on different screen sizes.

The results

The beautiful interactive map makes it easy for both scientists and the general public to see real-time conditions at the park. The client stakeholders were so enthusiastic about the site and kiosk results that CodeGeek has worked with them on additional projects.

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We have worked with the creative professionals at CodeGeek to design environmental public outreach sites under U.S. Government contracts for several years. The unique requirements of these contracts made CodeGeek the clear choice. CodeGeek offers the project management, design and coding expertise to meet the requirements of the contracts while providing an appealing and responsive user experience. The CodeGeek designed National Park Service webcam site has received extremely positive reviews and we expect future designs will be equally successful.

Scott Cismoski, Owner Air Resource Specialists