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A Geeky Project

Comedy Works

Does your business involve complex or substantial online operations? CodeGeek upgraded just such a website for Comedy Works in Denver.

The challenge

CodeGeek inherited Comedy Works’ large web application from a previous web development firm. Over the years we’ve worked with Comedy Works, we redesigned and continuously improved the web application. There are a huge number of factors that need to be constantly considered for this web app. Comedy Works has a large amount of products with two shows per night at each of the two locations, six days a week, which means over a thousand shows a year to manage through the web app. Also, customers want to use mobile devices and laptop computers to browse shows and purchase tickets so the web app needed to work seamlessly across devices and browsers.

Project highlights

Custom Design / eCommerce / Featured / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Web Application / Website Design

Various comedians featured on the Comedy Works website.

How do you manage over a thousand shows per year for Comedy Works so that the user experience is seamless from any device?

Comedy works homepage featuring Craig Robinson next to mobile view of tickets

The solution

CodeGeek created a 100% custom design for the web application, using responsive web design techniques. With a strong focus on improving the user experience throughout the website, we enhanced the navigation menus, added mobile-friendly calendar listings, improved search capabilities for people to find shows, and streamlined the checkout process to purchase tickets.

Comedy works website showing Kevin Nealon biography

The results

The redesigned and continuously updated Comedy Works site can process massive amounts of traffic without slowing down. It’s easy for customers to use the site on whatever device they want as it’s fully responsive. Comedy Works has a great, completely-from-scratch web application that meets all of their needs as well as the needs of their customers.

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We got word that Dave Chappelle was in town and wanted to do sets. We put 3 shows on sale, sent an email blast, and all sold out (over 800 tickets) in about 3 minutes. The site held up very well under this stress test.

Jim Freiberger, Comedy Works Denver