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Our team represents a variety of backgrounds and interests, and yet we still have some important things in common: a love for learning, taking pride in doing great work, and having mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

Are you thinking about joining our team? Then read on to learn about who we are, what makes working with our team so great (if we do say so ourselves), and if there’s a job opportunity that might be right for you.

★ We’re hiring a full-time Senior Web Developer! Check out the job posting here.

Our Values

At CodeGeek, we focus on our three core company values and goals:

  1. Build long-term relationships with all our clients.
  2. Deliver high-quality design and code.
  3. Build an amazing team we’re excited to be a part of every day.

All company decisions come back to whether or not they will bring us closer to or further from these goals.

Why Work With CodeGeek

(1) Flexible & remote-friendly work

We take adulting seriously, including all the responsibilities and privileges that come with it. You’re an adult, and rest assured that we’ll treat you like one.

Want to work from home every Friday or some other day of the week (most of our team does)? Fine with us! Want to jump on the digital nomad Winnebago? Sounds like a plan! Currently, we have four CodeGeek teammates who work remotely, from Colorado to the Midwest to the East Coast.

Mike skiing photo

Of course, we’d love to see everyone in person, especially if you’re local, but we all need to balance work and life. As long as you get your work done and communicate well with the team, we’re happy to let you spend your workday however or wherever works best for you.

(2) Strong team connections

It’s important that every one of our employees—remote or on-site—feels connected to the team. To encourage this, we leverage technology, team meetings and monthly team events to build those strong team connections.

Each week we hold an all-team meeting on Wednesday and department-specific meetings for developers, project managers and marketers. These meetings foster face-to-face contact and camaraderie among our team members, and we use a variety of technology to include our remote teammates, such as Slack, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts. We also strive to limit our meetings so that we can have time to do what we need to do.

The Fort Collins-based CodeGeek team also goes out for a fun, no-work-talk afternoon almost every month. We’ve enjoyed activities such as mini golf, independent films with beers afterward to discuss, ice cream breaks and team lunches.

We also host a quarterly event to celebrate the websites we’ve launched over the past few months, making sure our remote teammates can attend virtually.

(3) Continuous education

At CodeGeek, we love to learn, and so we place a big emphasis on continuous education.

Team members are encouraged to attend meetups, webinars and conferences, such as local WordPress meetups and Denver’s Word Camp, to advance their own professional development.

CodeGeek team members at An Event Apart Conference

In addition, it’s recommended that CodeGeek team members allot up to 10% of their time towards professional development and CodeGeek internal experimentation.

As part of that 10%, team members may participate in our Book of the Month Program, which allows each team member each month to ask CodeGeek to purchase for them a book to help them advance in their specialty.

We also offer CodeGeek Academy, which encourages developers and project managers to research courses (online or in-person) that they could take together.

How We Hire

CodeGeek culture starts with its careful and thoughtful hiring practices, allowing us to achieve one of our core goals: Build an amazing team we’re excited to be a part of every day.

We have an informal interview process, which includes coffee with CodeGeek Founder and CEO Ron Zasadzinski and a group lunch for local candidates. There are no stress-inducing impersonal technical tests or random hoops to jump through. Our goal is to assess together as a team an applicant’s skills and potential for positive team chemistry.

Different Roles, Different Challenges

Skills are important (and you can read about those in the available job openings), but so is chemistry with the team. Read below about the high-level things we look for in the following roles.

Our newest development team members will enjoy working in a collaborative team environment, have a knack for explaining technical details to non-tech folks (and the patience to go with it), and engage in self-directed continuous learning.

Our new developer teammate also approaches their work with a self-starter attitude and with excellence as their goal. They also humbly share with the team what they already know, ask about what they don’t know, and embrace egoless development.

Project Managers
Our newest project managers will enjoy working with great clients that they will get to know and work with over the years. They will also have a customer-service focus and the ability to communicate with clients clearly—verbally and in writing.

Our new project manager will be proactive, organized and collaborative while continually learning and improving their practice. Technical skills are always welcome but not required.

Contractors & Subcontractors
At CodeGeek, our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our partners. We value getting to know them and how they work best with our team so that together we can produce the best results for our clients. Although we are a Fort Collins web development team, our CodeGeek team members and clients are situated throughout Colorado and the U.S. We welcome your collaboration, regardless of your location.

We actively seek developers and content creators with a wide range of skills for collaboration in professional web design. As we have projects that need your talent, we bring you on board as a contracting partner. By building the best team possible for each project, we can produce outstanding results for our customers.

We also partner with larger web development firms in two ways: We utilize their skills and resources to partner on very large projects, and we act as subcontractors to them on projects requiring our expertise.

We are seeking to build relationships with developers with the following skills as these are the areas we work in the most:

  • WordPress developers with at least 2 years experience building custom themes and plugins from scratch
  • PHP programmers, especially with Laravel experience
  • Ruby on Rails developers

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us at with a list of your skills, interests, and samples or a résumé.

Job Openings

★ We’re hiring a full-time Senior Web Developer! Check out the job posting here.

If you think you would have good chemistry with our team, we’d love to hear from you even if there are no relevant job opportunities listed here. Email with your résumé and cover letter, and we’ll get back to you when there’s a good fit.

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