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Ron Zasadzinski - CEO & Founder

Ron Zasadzinski

CEO & Founder

Ron is passionate about responsive websites, usability, and partnering with marketing agencies to create elegant and compelling web presences. In 2002, he started CodeGeek in Fort Collins, Colorado, and has since worked with clients all over the U.S. Ron is involved in a number of ventures, including co-owner of The Hive, co-founder of the Fort Collins Internet Professionals Meetup, and is a flight instructor with over 30 years and 8000 hours of flying experience. In his free time, Ron enjoys playing ice hockey, watching snow fall, hiking, and skiing with his wife.
David Faltermeier headshot

David Faltermier


David began his career as an electrical engineer before crossing over into information technology and web development. Seeing his work come to life on the web is especially rewarding, and David takes pride in building websites that are both beautiful and functional that exceed clients’ expectations. When he’s not diving into code, David enjoys reading the latest spy novel, biking to local ice cream parlors, and camping with his family to enjoy the changing Colorado seasons. Having been stationed in Europe with the U.S. Army years ago, he hopes to return someday and take his wife on a tour of some of his favorite haunts.
Rebecca Gilmore - Marketer and Copywriter

Rebecca Gilmore

Marketing & Copywriting

Rebecca joins CodeGeek as a marketer and copywriter after various careers in non-profits, higher education, and marketing. After earning her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Anthropology & Spanish and International Studies, her jobs took her to Mexico, Nebraska, and then finally Colorado, where she met her husband at Starbucks. A wordsmith at heart, she also owns Gilchek Creative, which helps individuals and small businesses with brand development, marketing strategies and copywriting. When she's not smithing her words, you can find Rebecca bingeing on sci-fi, visiting quirky museums, drinking way too much coffee with her husband, and attempting to keep her cats Eleven and Dax from jumping the neighbor's fence.

Jamie Katz


Jamie has been building websites for over a decade. He specializes in front-end development using HTML, CSS and Javascript to create robust sites using the latest standards. Jamie works with a number CMS platforms, including Wordpress and Kentico. He started his career as a commercial photographer and brings his design and composition background to the web development process.  When he’s not developing websites, Jamie is up in the mountains riding his motorcycle or skiing, enjoying good food with his wife, or living and dying with his Cleveland sports teams.
Chris Lenfert - Developer and project manager

Chris Lenfert

Developer, Senior Project Manager

Chris has been a graphic designer since 2004 and developing Wordpress websites since 2009. His skill set runs the gamut between creating brands, crafting prints, and cajoling websites into things of beauty. He enjoys learning and expanding his skills in PHP and the ever-changing landscape of the WordPress CMS. Originally from Indiana, Chris spent a couple of years living in the holiday-themed town of Santa Claus, eventually moving to Northern Colorado. Chris is a skater, skier, hiker, biker, husband, father, mechanic, beer connoisseur, and depressingly amateur golfer. He loves everything about Colorado and enjoys exploring with his wife and wee ones!
Todd, CodeGeek team photo

Todd Newcomer

Project Manager

Todd comes to the Geeks with a rich professional history that allows him to view websites from all angles. Since 2002, he’s been a photographer, small business owner and marketing professional, and he thoroughly enjoys working with clients to bring their websites to life. Born and raised along Colorado’s Front Range, Todd spends much of his free time patching himself up after mountain biking, stand-up paddle boarding, skiing and kayaking. He also spends as much time as possible ruthlessly spoiling his two daughters, Ella and Riley.

Marc Newman

Marc Newman


Marc has been working in web development since 2006. He specializes in front-end technologies, such as HTML and JavaScript, as well as server-side technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Apache. He especially likes writing regular expressions and SQL queries. Marc grew up near Zug, Switzerland, and then in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he later received a degree in mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Other than programming, Marc reads, tries (and sometimes succeeds) to prepare complicated foods, and does outdoorsy things like backpacking and skiing.
John Patzman - Designer at CodeGeek

John Patzman


John has been moving pixels around as a graphic designer since 1994. His first love was the printed page, but he now specializes in responsive web design. He earned a BFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1991. John’s background includes studio photography and fine art photographic printing, but he built a career as a graphic designer—both working within an agency environment and as a freelancer. When not designing, John enjoys the analog pursuits of painting, gardening, and riding his bike up steep hills.
Cathy, CodeGeek Team Photo

Cathy Potter

Staff Accountant & Office Administrator

Cathy joins the Geeks after almost three decades at the Credit Union of Colorado, bringing her deep knowledge of finance and IT to the CodeGeek team. This Machu Picchu-hiking Denverite relishes being outside year-round, enjoying the beauty of the mountains while skiing, running and anything else that takes place in the great outdoors. When she’s not traveling with her husband, you can find Cathy spending time with her family and friends.

Leah, CodeGeek Team Photo

Leah Queen

Developer & Technical Services

Leah loves to build things, and web development is another way for this Lego-loving Arizonan to do just that. After graduating from Woz U in full-stack development, Leah started Queen Codes, LLC, and has since continued to build, learn and dive deeper into her creative outlet. Never one for being bored, Leah is always looking for her next nature adventure, whether it’s camping, biking, skateboarding or kayaking. When she’s not crushing it on Candy Crush or drinking a strong cup of coffee, Leah can be found dreaming of a trip Down Under and enjoying outdoor life with her wife and two dogs.
Jason Robie - Web Developer at CodeGeek

Jason Robie


Jason is a WordPress developer who also provides technical support and training in various areas related to computers and technology. Jason’s strengths also focus on making the language of websites understandable and meaningful to his clients and their respective business needs. He experienced various industries while striving to become a well-rounded professional. He explored his non-technical side working in various positions, including ski patrol, auto mechanic, irrigation, backcountry caretaker, and water park manager. His areas of expertise include: search engine optimization and marketing, custom web design, WordPress customization, auto repair/maintenance, backcountry first aid and hiking/camping.
Kevin, CodeGeek Team Photo

Kevin Sholander


Kevin joins the Geeks as our resident Jack of all trades, master of most. He entered the world of web development in 2006 after 20+ years as a computer engineer, specializing in processor and graphic accelerator hardware design for the likes of Philips, HP, National Semiconductor and AMD. With a Bachelor of Science in engineering sciences from Baylor University and a Master of Science in computer engineering from National Technological University (now Walden University), it’s easy to see that Kevin has always had a propensity for finding creative solutions to difficult problems. When he’s not planning his next trip to Disney or to see the Northern Lights, you can find Kevin building, soldering and wiring at The Markey Escape Rooms, which he runs with his wife and two adult children (and his not-so-little dog, too).
Graden, CodeGeek team photo

Graden Sikes

Project Manager

Graden started his career building things in the physical world after earning his B.S. in Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver. Soon thereafter, he decided to apply his skills in the digital realm as a UX and web designer. A very client-oriented person, Graden enjoys the fast-paced nature of web projects and the direct, personal impacts they have on people’s lives. In his off hours, you can find Graden watching movies with his wife Lily and puppy Watson, playing video games, and perfecting his deep-dish pizza recipe.

CodeGeek logo

Erin VanClay

Project Manager

With almost 20 years experience in Marketing/Communications and 10+ years in Web development, you really want Erin on your project management team. She’s experienced in developing client relationships and has a wide range of skills to help with many aspects of messaging and project builds. Also, Erin has no problem organizing Web content for more powerful presentation and user experience to make your website shine. An analyst at heart, she loves solving problems, maximizing systems and implementing beautiful, effective designs. When not working on projects for CodeGeek, Erin spends time with her husband and two children shuttling between activities, trying new recipes, reading voraciously, relaxing in the mountains, dreaming up house renovations and lobbying for the next international adventure.

Steven Wyman

Project Manager

Steven joins the Geeks as our basketball All-Star and die-hard optimist project manager. A recent Colorado State University graduate with a degree in communication studies and a minor in botany, Steven has loved switching gears and being a part of a close-knit team that delivers high-quality online experiences.

When he’s not placing green thumb to keyboard, you can find Steven with a frisbee or video game controller in hand, planning his first skydive in a wingsuit, and looking for ways he can do the most good in the world.