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A Geeky Project

Town of Frisco

The Town of Frisco website provides a central hub for tourism and information, serving visitors, local business owners and residents.

The challenge

On the public side of the site, there are two main target audience groups: tourists and residents. Tourists traveling to the city (such as athletes, vacationers, and visitors attending festivals) require information about what the city has to offer. There is also information for existing and potential residents about relocation, local businesses, city facilities, and events.

With 196 “Things to Do” pages, 40 general pages, 236+ events pages, and 692 business listings, this project’s most critical challenge was how to best organize, present, and make accessible the site’s vast amount of content to the general public. Information on the site must be timely and helpful in any context, relevant for each season, and accessible from any device.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Custom Plugin or API / Custom Searching and Filtering / Logo Design / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design

Frisco home page showing skiers and a festival

The solution

We solved this challenge by identifying key content topics to shape the navigation. By limiting the number of links and using dramatic photography, users can see a digestible amount of options to quickly decide what is relevant to them and move through the site easily. Tabbed content sections on the site also offer visitors a way to see related content without being overwhelmed. Finally, we created several curated search forms to only query specific types of content, such as the business directory or the “Things to Do” and Events pages. By returning qualified, relevant results and reducing the noise of extraneous pages, users can better focus on what they came to do on the site.

Frisco Adventure Park information page next to a view of the mobile navigation menu.

The results

Together, these custom features—and so much more—offer a beautiful, highly usable, and valuable resource that provides the information visitors and residents use to make the most of their time in the historic Colorado town of Frisco.

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CodeGeek shepherded us through a fairly complex website project with a lot of hard-to-categorize content with patience, creativity and seemingly bottomless problem solving skills. They understood us and where we wanted to go, and that is why we have an excellent website, which we continue to be able to evolve to meet our changing needs. Yet, the most meaningful feedback we could give is that we are now working with CodeGeek on a second website project.

Vanessa Agee, Marketing and Communications Director Town of Frisco, CO