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A Geeky Project

L&H Industrial

L&H Industrial, a global heavy equipment manufacturer, had a unique need to offer timely product information to its sales staff and customers.

The challenge

L&H is a heavy equipment manufacturer serving customers and sales staff in the US, Mexico, and Chile. L&H wanted to add product detail pages to the new website. In addition, a print shop needed to produce physical tech sheets for L&H’s salespeople to hand out to customers. This process could result in out-of-date information given to customers. When information about a product changed, the process of reprinting the tech sheets took time and expense, and made it challenging to ensure that all salespeople in every country had the latest information.

Project highlights

Custom Design / PDF Generation / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design

Mobile and desktop views of the L&H home page

The solution

For this project, we collaborated with Cheyenne-based advertising agency Warehouse Twenty One. As the developers of the new website, CodeGeek created product web pages as well as a way to print beautifully designed PDF tech sheets directly from the data on the website. The information for both is managed in a single custom website interface built by CodeGeek and used by L&H staff.

Tablet and mobile views of L&H interior pages.

The results

This site won the 2015 Interactive Media Award, Best in Class website for a manufacturing company. L&H sales people can now easily print just the product tech sheets they need at the time they need them, anywhere in the world. Product data on the website and in the product data sheets is always in sync. L&H salespeople and website visitors know they are always getting the most up-to-date information on products.

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