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About CodeGeek’s Website Spot Check

Welcome WordPress Accessibility Day attendees!
Use the code provided in your Digital Swag Bag to get $100 off your own custom Website Spot Check.

You spend a lot of energy and effort getting visitors interested in your website—and you should make sure it’s in its best shape!

The Website Spot Check is like a checkup at the doctor’s office. It’s a chance to ask a few questions and get a high-level understanding of your website’s general health.

We will review your site’s:

  • Accessibility rating – Accessibility of websites affects a lot of people who are probably in your target audience. For example, have you ever looked at your site while riding on a bus? Have you ever tried to navigate on your site one-handed (like someone with a broken arm)? Don’t leave the accessibility of your website to chance! We’ll provide the accessibility rating for your website so that you can consider if next steps need to be taken.
  • Site speed – How fast is your website loading for visitors? Lots of people don’t wait for a website to load beyond a few seconds. Knowing your site speed allows you to consider making improvements to it, which is a simple way to keep visitors on your website and boost your marketing efforts.
  • Blocklisting – We’ll make sure you’re on email providers’ good sides by checking to see if your website is on anyone’s blocked list.
  • Broken links – We’ll check to see if your site has any broken links. It’s best to find these before your website visitors do—so that your visitors will stay on your website longer!
  • Security check – Nothing screams “Run! Run away quickly” like a site link that shows up as “not secure” on a Chrome browser. We’ll let you know how Google sees you and if your website visitors can have peace of mind as they scroll through your site.

What You Get

Once our review is done, we will provide you with a full and helpful report so that you have the basic information you need to take any next steps.

This checkup should start you down the path to help your website run better and smoother—and offer your visitors an excellent overall experience.

A sample report overview for the Website Spot Check
(Details and action items provided in the following pages.)

Checklist from CodeGeek's Website Spot Check report

What’s The Bottom Line?

Our Website Spot Check reports are created specifically for each client, and each one takes about three hours to complete. (Our hourly rate is $160/hour, a $480 value).

We’re offering our Website Spot Check at the discounted rate of $300 because we believe this report offers super valuable information that all site owners should have.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to see if your site is as fit as a fiddle or if it’s time to tone? Give the Geeks a jingle.

And if there’s something in your report you’d like to address but don’t know how, we’d be happy to chat about partnering together to make it happen.

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