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A Geeky Project

Realities For Children KindConnect App

Realities For Children asked CodeGeek to create a custom web application to match donors with those seeking donations of physical items and delivery teams for large item delivery.

The challenge

Realities For Children, a nonprofit organization focused on helping children, had long matched manually donation requests for physical items and donors until it became a tremendous strain on their staff. The idea of this project was to build a web application that could be used by Realities For Children, agency partners, donors, and delivery teams (who have been trained and verified by Realities For Children) without much staff intervention needed.

Project highlights

Custom Searching and Filtering / Responsive Web Design / Web Application

Desktop and mobile views of the KindConnect item request dashboard

The solution

The KindConnect web application creates an online space for agency staff to request items for donation needed by families in need. Donors can then donate items for a specific request and, if an item requires delivery, trained and verified delivery teams can select items to deliver to recipients. The application also allows donors and delivery teams to set specific notifications settings to be notified when a donation request comes in or be notified in a weekly digest.

Mobile and desktop views of the KindConnect agency dashboards.

The results

The new system cuts down on staff time exponentially to match donation requests with donors, allowing many more families to be served by Realities For Children. In just a little over a month of operation, more than 100 items had already been donated to children and families in need and 160 people had signed up to donate items.

► Check out our 1-minute web app demo to see the KindConnect web app in action.

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CodeGeek jumped on board with us in designing KindConnect, and identified, solved, and tested potential issues before we even thought of them. They have been a true partner in creating a system that in just 2 months has already allowed us to serve 5 times more kids than usual.

Serena Thomas, Partner Agencies Program Manager Realities For Children