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A Geeky Project

NPS Live Weather & Air Quality Data

CodeGeek was approached to build a custom web app that would usefully deliver important meteorological and air quality data from our country’s national parks to environmental and atmospheric researchers.

The challenge

The National Park Service (NPS) and Air Resource Specialists generate a lot of useful data that could be used by researchers and scientists to understand patterns pertaining to air quality in our national parks. However, the quantity of data made it difficult for interested researchers to find information that was relevant to their work. 

Users needed a better way to sort through and easily understand the massive amounts of data being produced through the NPS. It was also important to allow researchers to utilize the data they needed by exporting high-quality visual and statistical assets.

CodeGeek was chosen to help create a system that would make the collected data easier to digest and process for practical uses throughout the scientific community.

Project highlights

Data Visualization / User Experience Design (UX) / Web Application

Desktop and mobile views of complex air quality data.

The solution

The NPS Live Weather & Air Quality Data Web App allows the National Park Service and Air Resource Specialists to display all the meteorological and air quality data they collect and make it accessible to interested researchers. 

Using this web application, researchers can customize their view of the data, hide information that isn’t relevant to their research, and gain valuable insight quickly and easily. 

Researchers can also use this web app to export high-quality assets such as PNG images of informational graphs and spreadsheets of statistical data to use in their work.

Desktop and mobile views of exportable data graphs.

The results

This custom system has proved itself as a valuable asset for visitors and scientists alike, including members of the National Park Service. 

The hundreds of data points collected everyday have been processed in countless ways by researchers, scientists and curious members of the public to educate others and build a better understanding of our environment.

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We have worked with the creative professionals at CodeGeek to design environmental public outreach sites under U.S. Government contracts for several years. The unique requirements of these contracts made CodeGeek the clear choice. CodeGeek offers the project management, design and coding expertise to meet the requirements of the contracts while providing an appealing and responsive user experience. The CodeGeek designed National Park Service webcam site has received extremely positive reviews and we expect future designs will be equally successful.

Scott Cismoski, Owner Air Resource Specialists