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Highlights From #WPAD2023

Text reads: Highlights - WordPress Accessibility Day 2023

WordPress Accessibility Day (WPAD) 2023 may have wrapped, but the learning journey continues!

We have more takeaways from this incredible event than we can shake a keyboard at. Below are just a few of our most favorite nuggets from this year’s event.

(Psst – Recordings of all the talks will be available soon on the WPAD YouTube channel!)

Our New Mantra ♥

“Our job is to provide options and let people choose their own adventure.”

– Carie Fisher, CSS + Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice

Cool Dev Tool ✐

Chrome DevTools Accessibility Tree – a tree of accessibility objects on a webpage that needs to be exposed to assistive technology

– Merary Alvarado, Complex Data Visualizations and the Accessibility Phenomena

So much of accessibility is about inclusion. And inclusion is about making people feel like you want them to be there.

Allie Nimmons, Accessibility Beyond Blindness

★ Oodles and oodles of thanks to all the organizers, volunteers and speakers for making this year’s #WPAD event possible!

Did you know CodeGeek is a sponsor for WordPress Accessibility Day?