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Web App Demo: Rocky Mountain Dressage Society

Gather ’round as we tell the tales of three web app demos that could did. Today, our story triad continues with a team — of horses and humans alike. 🐎

Homepage for the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society website, featuring a rider in a black coat and white riding pants sitting on top of a white and gray horse

The Characters & Settling

Rocky Mountain Dressage Society (RMDS) supports the sport of dressage in the Rocky Mountain region with chapters in Colorado and Wyoming.

The Plot & Conflict

RMDS needed a major update to their membership and scorekeeping system.

✅ Members needed to access the data to check scores, update profile info and pay fees.

✅ Site admins needed to upload and edit show scores—using a yet-to-be-built import system that works with the United States Dressage Federation spreadsheet format.

✅ The app needed to calculate everything in time for the end-of-the-year awards gala.

The Resolution

The Geeks built a custom Laravel web application that holds all the organization’s data, from membership and horse registration to scores and awards. 🙌

Is your interest piqued? Then check out our 1-minute web app demo to see the RMDS web app in action.

+1 We’re web developers, not video makers—so oodles of thanks go to video editor Ayelet Golz for helping make our web app demo dreams come true. 😍

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