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WordPress Hosting You Love To Forget

Dory from Finding Nemo asking: Did I forget something?

“I’ll always remember where I was.”

That’s the type of thing you say when recalling a significant moment in your life.

Meeting your first love. Witnessing a solar eclipse. Choosing your WordPress website hosting plan.


The truth is: We bet you rarely think about your hosting plan at all.

And for us, that’s a very good thing.

So, what makes WP Engine hosting so incredibly awesome that you never have to think about it?

Below are our top three reasons. (Oh, we can barely contain our excitement!)

1. Security that’s super duper

A black and white kitten is sleeping in the middle of a curled-up sleeping dog, all safe and sound

WP Engine blocks more than 26 billion cyber attacks each year.

And they provide this super security through:

  1. continuous monitoring
  2. critical automatic core updates to reduce vulnerabilities
  3. layers of protection with SSL, DDOS mitigation, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and more

In addition, WP Engine is SOC 2 compliant, meeting the standards for Security and Availability Trust Services Categories — which is a very big deal.

2. Backups that let you sleep at night

Two white dogs sleeping on their backs side by side. They're both wearing fuzzy pink eye masks.

Unless you’ve got a time machine, you just don’t know what the future holds.

Hackers, finicky plugins, and even nasty weather could take down your website.

Fortunately, we’re all resting easy because should anything like that happen, your site can be quickly restored.

That’s because WP Engine backs up everything … at multiple points!

3. Humans you can talk to

Louise Banks (Amy Adams) from the movie Arrival is holding up a sign that says: Human.

While plenty of automation is set up so that your website hosting is consistent and efficient, actual humans still play a very active role in taking care of your website.

  • live teams to monitor security feeds and provide proactive security alerts (like for critical plugin updates)
  • 24/7 WP Engine chat and ticket support
  • a person on the other side of that email, chat or phone call to help you with whatever you need

Forgetting Never Felt So good

Handwritten to-do list on lined notebook paper

By hosting your WordPress website with us and WP Engine, you can rest soundly knowing your site is being well cared for.

And that’s one less thing to think about. <3

WP Engine’s security is nearly impenetrable.

Michael Levanduski,

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