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UX Resources: A Listicle

FCIP Meetup graphics announcing their July 2023 event: Misconceptions on How To Use (And How To Fix Them)

In July, the Geeks attended Misconceptions on “How to UX” (And How to Fix Them), a Fort Collins Internet Pros Meetup (FCIP).

And we came away with THE best list of user experience (UX) resources … which we totally had to share with you. 😘

Watch 👀

  • If you want to put this great UX listicle into context, you can watch the recorded FCIP Meetup!
Video on misconceptions on "How to UX".
Watch the recorded FCIP Meetup.
{Run time: 1 hour 9 min)

Extra Credit

  • MeasuringU blogs – If you’re looking for “sound research,” the blog of MeasuringU, a consultancy focusing on measuring UX and CX, is a great online resource.
  • Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines from 1992 (!)

Got other UX resources you’d recommend?