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Web App Demo: Town Of Frisco Business Directory

Gather ’round as we tell the tales of three web app demos that could did. Today, our story triad begins in the mountain town of Frisco, Colorado. 🏔

Homepage header for Town of Frisco Business Directory website
NYX 2022 Silver Award winner for a Tourism Website

The Characters & Settling

Frisco, Colorado, is a mountain town in the heart of ski country that offers visitors mountain thrills with town charm.

The Plot & Conflict

To help cater to their year-round visitors, the Town of Frisco was looking for ways to:

✅ highlight their local businesses, and
✅ make it easy for visitors and residents alike to find what they need.

The Resolution

Our team of Geeks built them a custom Laravel web application that interacts with the town’s business licensing system. 🙌

Is your interest piqued? Then check out our 1-minute web app demo to see the Town of Frisco’s business directory in action.

+1 We’re web developers, not video makers—so oodles of thanks go to video editor Ayelet Golz for helping make our web app demo dreams come true. 😍

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