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    Mobile Debugging with Opera Dragonfly

    It’s no secret that mobile websites are the new big thing in web development. And while the number of devices that support a decent mobile browser have been rapidly increasing for some time, the development tools for us to build and test these sites are just emerging. Unfortunately, there’s no way on a mobile device

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  • Keystone Conference Center

    Time to Go Mobile: Tips for Creating a Mobile Web Strategy (Presentation)

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012 2:15 pm Location: Keystone Conference Center, Keystone Colorado Part of the LeadingAge 2012 Conference, Ron’s presentation will inform attendees why the mobile web is so important, how to create a mobile web strategy for their business, specific factors to consider, and specific tips for the health care industry, especially as it

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  • Off-canvas layout demo

    Responsive Web Design – Off Canvas Layout Demo

    In a recent blog post I mentioned the “Off Canvas” design pattern described by Luke Wroblewski as one of the emerging layout patterns in websites designed using Responsive Web Design. Jason Weaver has created an excellent demo of the “off canvas” technique utilizing three side-by-side panels of content. On the smallest devices like iPhones and

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  • Multi-device layout patterns

    Layout Patterns in Responsive Web Design

    As more web designers and web developers are creating websites using Responsive Web Design techniques, design patterns are starting to emerge. Luke Wroblewski’s article titled “Multi-Device Layout Patterns” catalogs emerging layout patterns. The article is wonderfully helpful in getting one’s head around various approaches to Responsive Websites, especially because it includes not just a description

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  • Illustration of multiple web-viewing devices

    Responsive Web Design Techniques

    In the always awesome (the advent calendar for web geeks) there have been three excellent articles on specific Responsive Web Design techniques so far this month. The first is by Jeremy Keith and discusses conditional loading of content for websites designed using Responsive Web Design techniques. The technique Jeremy describes allows you to have

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  • Adobe Flash logo

    Adobe Flash to the World: “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

    Flash isn’t dead. Adobe is continuing development of the Flash Player as well as Flex for desktop web browsers. Adobe’s recent announcement about abandoning development for the Flash Player for mobile web browsers has created a lot of confusion. Unfortunately this confusion will probably push people away from Flash faster than would have happened, or

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  • Broken heart on a plate

    Dealing with Disappointment

    Last week we lost a website development job less than an hour before the kickoff meeting with what would have been our latest new client. I hate losing jobs or projects. As the company owner, one of my most important responsibilities is to bring in new business. This has to happen regularly, consistently, reliably. As

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  • Google logo with jester hat

    3 Pranks from Google

    I love Google’s pranks on April Fool’s day. Here are three I’m aware of (so far): OMG this is *awesome*. Couldn’t stop laughing: Ok, Google is topping themselves. Here’s a job listing for “autocompleters”! Another: Go to, type “helvetica”. You don’t even have to finish typing! Must be those autocompleters they just

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    Responsive Images: Solving the Image Overhead Problem

    When implementing responsive web design techniques, one issue raised by detractors is that the largest image needed for any layout gets downloaded automatically resulting in potentially large bandwidth overhead – an undesirable side effect especially for mobile devices that may be using slower or expensive data connections. Here’s one solution: The technique explained and

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    Just Say “No” to Speculative Design

    Does your web design company do speculative design work? We don’t. What I’m talking about is creating potential website layouts to show a prospect how their new website might look during the sales process. It’s not uncommon in our experience for a prospect to ask for this type of work, especially when they are talking

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    Responsive Design: The Future of Web Design

    We’ve entered a new period of transition on the web, just after things seemed to be getting comfortable. I mean things were nice. We reached a least-common-denominator screen size of 1024px. (Good riddance 800 x 600!) All the modern browsers are using page zoom by default rather than text zoom. Designers could breathe easy and

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    Toward a Comprehensive Content Strategy for Websites

    Clients and Content Why does it take clients so long to put together content for their new web site? Because creating content is complex. More complex than it appears at first. Because everything takes longer than you think. Because we all get interrupted all the time and we don’t plan for it. Scenarios: Using copy

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