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Our 20th Year In Review

We can hardly believe we’re about to close the chapter on our vicennial year. (Yeah, we had to look that up, too).

From Geek-y swag to a party that was outta this world, we had a ton of fun turning 20.

We also enjoyed looking back at what has been, looking forward to what’s to come, and marveling at everything in between.

Want to get a glimpse of all the ways we celebrated our 20th year? Then check out our 1-min 20th anniversary video scrapbook that’s full of smiling (and very Geeky) faces.

Want to see what else we did to celebrate our 20th year?

Totally Tubular Tech From Our 20s

Back To The Future – The Tech Of 2042 (We Hope)

Let’s Play Randall Bingo!

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Can you Guess the Geek? – Every month in 2022, we celebrated our 20th year by looking back at the Geeks in their 20s.