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Back To The Future –> The Tech Of 2042 (We Hope)

As you may have heard, the Geeks turned the big 2-0 this year! And one of the ways we’ve been celebrating is by ruminating on awesome tech—past and future.

Earlier this year, we put together a totally tubular photo album of righteous tech from our 20s.

Today, we’re turning off memory lane and taking a side trip to (what we hope is) the near future.

Tweet by @DontShowYourCat that shows a patient gray kitten in a red Iron Man suit. The text reads: "the latest in top secret technology"

We asked a few of our Geeks what tech they’re most looking forward to in the next 20 years, and the answers ranged from tech advances already in development to tech that’s still the stuff of science fiction.

Check out our photo album below of tech we hope to see by 2042—and daydream along with us. ⬇️

A raft of thin-film silicon bubbles that are positioned to block the Sun’s solar radiation from further warming Earth

Renewable energy and carbon capture

Climate change is probably the most challenging problem of our times, and it will be fascinating what solutions we find to combat the crisis. — Todd

Image source: Popular Mechanics

Lab-made health products

I’m excited for 3D-printed bones and more lab-made dairy products. Coolio stuff. — Cathy

Image source: Ossiform

A 3D printer printing a piece of white bone.
Three non-branded silver-colored batteries (one AA and two coin batteries) photographed against a white background

Battery tech

I’m excited for the day that battery tech takes a massive leap forward. I’m quite ready for my phone to last a month or so on a single charge. — Chris

Image source: InsideEVs

Human transporters

I cannot wait for the day when transporter tech is safe for human use. It will revolutionize virtually everything we do, from where we work to visiting aging family. — Rebecca

Image source: The Guardian

Screenshot from Star Trek (TOS) of five people on the transporter pads in the middle of dematerialization
A person is sitting in the driver's seat of a car with black interior, but they're not touching the steering wheel while the car id driving

Autonomous vehicles

Imagine traffic being a problem of the past. You could travel 12 hours in the middle of the night—it’s almost teleportation at that point! — Steven

Image source: Change Agents

Hair loss, be gone!

A cap that, when worn for only a few minutes, results in instant and substantial hair growth. That would be pretty cool. — David

A series of three headshots of David showing the hair-renewal procession: Without hair, David wearing a white hard hat, and then David sporting a fresh head of hair (with a touch of gray)
Virtual movie set. POV is standing behind the director and camera person, with the digital monitor to the right, which is projected onto a panorama screen behind the actors

Virtual movie sets

I’ve been really fascinated by virtual sets for movies over the last couple years. Such a cool concept! — Graden

Image source: Engadget

Want even more future tech fun? You got it!

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