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Project Roundup: E-commerce Biz Buzz

CodeGeek's mascot monkey Randall holding a picture frame around his face with the featured text "Project Roundup"

Welcome to our latest Project Roundup!

While the Geeks always seem to have plenty of irons in the fire, we like to cool off every now and then to reflect on what we’ve accomplished—together and for our clients.

Who’s up in this Roundup:

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Mortuary Lift Company

Screenshot of Mortuary Lift Company's homepage

Mortuary Lift Company has been providing high-quality, dependable products to funeral homes and mortuaries worldwide for more than 50 years.

The project deets:

  • Their online store was originally built in a very old version of OpenCart, and it was time for an upgrade.
  • We rebuilt their store using the modern e-commerce system WooCommerce—and added their existing products to their new store.
Three items for the Mortuary Lift store displayed side by side in front of an orange background

Our fave feature: Everything!

We love making online shopping easier for biz owners and consumers alike.

And there’s a lot to like about WooCommerce and what you can do with a standard installation:

  • Basic styling options so your shop matches your branding
  • Free and flat-rate shipping options (Add-on: FedEx shipping!)
  • Credit card payments via a payment gateway
  • Ability to add coupon codes
  • WooCommerce email templates, also customized with your branding

Learn more about Mortuary Lift Company and check out their online store at:

Town of Frisco Business Directory

Screenshot of Town of Frisco's Business Directory homepage with the silver NYX Award logo overlaid on the right

We were recently honored with a NYX Silver Award for a Tourism Website for the work we did on the Town of Frisco’s Business Directory.

About the NYX Awards:

The NYX Awards recognizes, celebrates and honors excellence in marketing, communication and creativity across all facets of industries and mediums.

The project deets:

As a part of Town of Frisco’s website redesign project, we also built a new web app for their business directory.

This directory:

  • Streamlines the process for setting up an account and claiming a biz
  • Offers categories that are understandable and clear
  • Automatically populates each biz listing to its respective section in the visitors’ website business directory

We are thrilled to have partnered with the Town of Frisco on this amazing web project! ✨

Learn more about the Town of Frisco and check out their business directory at:

Comedy Works Denver

Screenshot of Comedy Works homepage featuring Pinky Patel

Comedy Works Denver is Denver’s premier destination for the very best in stand-up comedy, and it has been since 1981.

The project deets:

  • Over the years, the Geeks have been working with Comedy Works to redesign and continuously improve their web application.
  • This time around, however, we turned our geeky eyes towards their e-commerce solution.

Our goals:

  • eliminate ongoing bugs
  • enhance security
  • make future development of their web app more streamlined
Desktop and mobile view of Comedy Works' website, featuring Craig Robinson

Our fave feature: Clarity!

While “clarity” itself isn’t really a feature, it is the result of our targeted refactoring of Comedy Works’ e-commerce code base.

<— Before: A lot of data overlap existed between a “ticket” and a “cart,” making the purchasing process confusing for buyers and site Admins alike.

—> After: Clear separation now exists between what’s a ticket, what’s in a cart, and what’s a complete order. ✨

Learn more about Comedy Works and check out their web app at:

👀 Ooooooo! Did you know? We’ve shared about Comedy Works before on our Portfolio page!

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