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Taming Technology: How To Effectively Navigate The Many Technology Decisions Of A Startup

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We Geeks are huge fans (and regular sponsors) of Fort Collins Startup Week. (Last year we sponsored the CodeGeek Room!)

This annual extravaganza usually takes place over the course of about a week in various locations around town. This year, however, Fort Collins Startup Week is “on demand”! This means that anyone, anywhere, can drink in all the amazing content as it’s made available online over the next many months.

And speaking of amazing content, our very own CEO has partnered up with another tech geek to school us on how to tame the technology we need to support a burgeoning startup.

Featured Presentation: Taming Technology 💥

YouTube screenshot of Ron and Tim's talk

Head Geek Ron Zasadzinski has partnered up with systems architect Tim Kleier to teach us a thing or two about “Taming Technology: How To Effectively Navigate The Many Technology Decisions Of A Startup.”

(Rumor has it there might be a lion. Probably not, though.)

What This Talk Is About:

Our modern age is driven by technology, and startups are no different. We have to make a multitude of technology decisions for our organizations such as:

  • What email provider should we use?
  • Do we need a website or an app?
  • How do we select technology for invoicing or keeping track of receipts?

Where To Watch It:

Ready for Ron and Tim to walk you through the many areas of business where we need to make technology choices? Then pop that popcorn, find a comfy chair, and check out their 29-min recorded presentation, available in these two locations:

▶️ Fort Collins Startup Week’s YouTube page

▶️ For Fort Collins’ website