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A Holiday Limerick by the Geeks

Illustrated snowman from our snowman app

There once was a team full of Geeks,
Who thought apps were totally on fleek.
Then winter appeared,
And we all gave a cheer!
‘Cuz our snowman was ever so sleek.

Try out our snowman app!


Congrats to our Build Your Own Snowman Giveaway winner, RJ D.! 

The Geeks got together and checked out all the snowy entries. We loved every single one of them, but this one of an adorable snowman family melted our hearts. ❤️

RJ won a $75 gift certificate to Nuance Chocolate, so their own little family will be able to enjoy lots of yummy bean-to-bar chocolate in the New Year.

Snowman family with parent and two kids

The CodeGeek snowman app will be live all season long, so even though our giveaway is over,
you can still give life to your very own snowy creation!