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Project Roundup: Experience the World

Our monkey mascot Randall looking through a pink picture frame. Text reads: Project Roundup

Welcome to our latest Project Roundup!

While the Geeks always seem to have plenty of irons in the fire, we like to cool off every now and then to reflect on what we’ve accomplished — together and for our clients.

Who’s up in this Roundup:

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Able Kids Foundation

Homepage for Able Kids Foundation's new website, featuring a calm river surrounded by a forest fo pine trees.

Able Kids Foundation specializes in the diagnosis and management of central auditory processing disorder (CAPD).

The project deets:

  • The new Able Kids Foundation website was our first official project built in Webflow!
  • Their previous website was nine years old, so we had a lot of fun redesigning their web experience for a cleaner and more organized look and feel.

More about Able Kids Foundation:

The Able Kids Foundation has evaluated over 3,000 individuals from all 50 states and 29 countries around the world, serving children, adolescents and adults.

“My son received his ear filter and it has been nothing short of life-changing. The Able Kids Foundation has transformed his life and for that, we are eternally grateful.” — Parent testimonial

–> Check out the Able Kids Foundation website at:


Homepage for ExperiencePlus!, featuring three cyclists posing for a photo with beautiful countryside all around them.

ExperiencePlus! helps travelers slow down and experience the world at their own pace by providing extraordinary guided cycling vacations.

The project deets:

The ExperiencePlus! website project was a biggie with lots of moving parts.

  • Full design refresh
  • Transfer of the whole site from MODX to WordPress
  • Custom integrations with the ExperiencePlus! internal tour management systems

–> Check out the ExperiencePlus! website at:


Homepage for Transort's new website, featuring a green MAX bus

Transfort provides convenient, reliable and affordable transit options for residents and visitors in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The project deets:

Transfort needed to rebuild their website to be compliant with the new Colorado accessibility law that goes into effect July 1.

So we built them a site that (we hope) is the best and most accessible transportation site in the country. 🤓 (The Transfort website gets around 171,000 visitors per year, with 1M page views per year!)

  • Screen-reader accessible – By nature, transportation routes are complex. Marking up all the tabular data to be usable by a screen reader was a unique challenge!
  • See what you want to see – The route table features “earlier,” ” now” and “later” buttons. And depending on the width of your device’s browser, the table will scroll to what you want to see.
Video demonstrating how the route table scrolls to the times you want to see based on the width of your device’s browser.

–> Check out Transfort’s new website at:

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