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Unleashing Inclusivity: Charting a Course to Web Accessibility

Headshots of Ron and Graden within two circles. Text reads: Charting a Course to Web Accessibility

Back in December 2023, Geeks Ron Zasadzinski and Graden Sikes presented on the topic of web accessibility (with demos!) at the Fort Collins Internet Pros (FCIP) Meetup.

Fortunately, we recorded the presentation, which was an in-person and Zoom event. 🙌

We tweaked a few things and are now able to provide Ron and Graden’s presentation in its entirety.

About this presentation

Making the web as accessible as possible is an ongoing process.

For business owners, website managers, content creators, designers and developers, accessibility is an entire layer of planning to get from point A to point B that — if done right and at the right time — can yield tremendous benefits for everyone.

And to get from here to there, you’ll need a map to help you along the way — one that’s easy to follow.

Join us as Ron Zasadzinski and Graden Sikes share details to help you chart a course towards making the web as accessible as possible.

Ron and Graden will discuss:

  • what web accessibility entails
  • requirements to meet
  • auditing tools and techniques to use

+1 Brief demos and resources will be provided to help you take your next steps on the route to web accessibility.

Resources mentioned

From the speakers:

From FCIP members:

Watch the presentation

The presentation is about one hour long, and you can watch the full recording right here. (You can also view the video transcript as a Google Doc.)

A few notes about this recording:

  • Since this is a recording of a Meetup presented via Zoom, some of the audio is garbled, but we’ve done what we can in the captions to make the context clear.
  • The FCIP Meetup group is a casual one, so there are instances where some questions are asked during the presentation.

View the official video transcript as a Google Doc.