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A Geeky Project

Wyoming Grown

The Wyoming Governor’s Office and the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services created a special program to recruit Wyoming-raised individuals back to the state to work in high-growth, high-demand careers. This brand-new program had unique needs for its site.

The challenge

In collaboration with advertising agency Warehouse Twenty One, CodeGeek developed a new site for this program. There was a tight deadline for this project due to intense media interest (both locally and nationally).

Project highlights

Custom Design / Responsive Web Design / Single-Page Design / User Experience Design (UX)

Desktop view of the Wyoming Grown home page.

The solution

CodeGeek created two responsive forms to encourage people to either refer their family and friends to the program or upload their resumes so that Wyoming Workforce Center counselors could match them with prospective employers. Given the responsive nature of these forms, visitors were able to just as easily fill them out on a laptop as they could on a smartphone. Also, CodeGeek developed the framework for the site’s unique single page design and video background, which was designed by Warehouse Twenty One.

Desktop view of the start of an interactive form.

The results

Between the interactive forms, the beautiful single page design, and video background for the site, Wyoming Grown received rave reviews. There also was a New York Times article written about the program and the site launch.

In addition, the site won the 2015 Interactive Media Award for Outstanding Achievement for a Government website. Most importantly, the site was delivered on time and was part of the Governor’s televised press conference about the program, ensuring maximum coverage and usage of the site from the start.

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