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A Geeky Project

Pinnacle Consulting Group

Pinnacle Consulting Group wanted to update their brand and upgrade the visuals and structure of their website to be more user friendly.

The challenge

Pinnacle Consulting Group is a company that offers a wide range of complex services. As a result, their existing site was dense in information and difficult to navigate. Users needed a better way to find the services they were looking for and feel confident that Pinnacle could help them.

On top of that, there were concerns that the visual style of the existing website and marketing material felt out of date. These issues needed to be addressed to help Pinnacle appeal to new and existing clients.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Logo Design / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design


The solution

CodeGeek worked with Pinnacle Consulting Group to evolve the company’s brand identity. By utilizing existing patterns, colors and visual elements, the company’s image was retained while also being transformed into something more sleek and modern. The shift in the design approach was applied to both web content and print marketing materials.

In addition, the website was built to be completely responsive with an emphasis on informational hierarchy. We developed a responsive site for Pinnacle with custom transitions, easily accessible information and visuals for different screen sizes.


The results

The result is a completely unique experience with easy access to important information. With their new visual identity, Pinnacle Consulting Group has been able to grow confidently within their field.

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