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A Geeky Project

Visit Fort Collins Marketplace

Designed to help local businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic, the Visit Fort Collins Marketplace website provides e-commerce solutions that boost online and in-store sales.

The challenge

Visit Fort Collins is the official visitor information source for Fort Collins, Colorado. When the COVID-19 pandemic began to wreak havoc on the local business community, Visit Fort Collins acted swiftly to build a new website to help member organizations increase online and in-store sales.
The challenge was to build an effective platform that would allow customers, both local and from around the world, to support Fort Collins-based businesses. Many local organizations had no prior e-commerce capability and needed a fast and efficient portal to sell products and gift cards.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Custom Searching and Filtering / eCommerce / Featured / Responsive Web Design

Fort Collins Marketplace screenshot of business products and online store

How do you quickly and effectively help local member organizations of Visit Fort Collins increase online and in-store sales during a global pandemic?

Fort Collins Marketplace website on a tablet

The solution

The time-sensitive solution was an online sales system allowing customers to place an order for multiple products from multiple merchants in one online order.

Customers could also have their products and gift cards shipped to their home or choose to pick up the items in-store, further supporting the local community.

In just 13 weeks, we built a custom e-commerce website generating revenue for artisans, authors, restaurants and more. Just two weeks after launch, over 525 items were sold and total sales surpassed $13,000.

fort collins marketplace products and shopping cart

The results

Creatively built back-end solutions and vendor options allowed multiple merchants to customize their sales funnel.

Ultimately, the quick action taken by Visit Fort Collins and the resulting e-commerce platform helped local businesses increase sales and gain online exposure, remaining viable during the most critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We are so grateful and blessed to have had you say “yes” to this journey. Someday, when we can all see each other in person, there has to be an occasion where we can raise a glass in cheers together in gratitude.

Cynthia Eichler, President and CEO Visit Fort Collins