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A Geeky Project

Kaufman Music Center

Kaufman Music Center’s website helps transform lives through music by educating, informing and providing unmatched usability and search for students and visitors alike.

The challenge

Kaufman Music Center believes that music is essential to the human experience. To help make music more a part of people’s lives, they needed their website to do some serious musical business.

The challenge was to customize Kaufman Music Center’s Expression Engine website so that site visitors could quickly search for the tickets to world-class performances at Merkin Hall as well as register students for music classes at the Lucy Moses School.

In addition to quickly finding what they’re looking for, visitors should be delighted by their customer experience—every single step of the way.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Custom Searching and Filtering / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design

Kaufman Music Center website on tablet and phone.

The solution

With hundreds of performances and a huge course catalogue, site visitors needed the ability to quickly search and filter through a large variety of options.

For the Lucy Moses School, CodeGeek designed advanced search functionality to allow visitors to filter courses by subject, student age, term and more. Search results populate immediately, enabling visitors to quickly register for classes.

For Merkin Hall, we created similar functionality, providing music fans the option to search concerts by series and genre to quickly purchase tickets and get ready for the big event.

Kaufman Music Center website on tablet and phone highlighting ticket sales functionality.

The results

We were excited to continue our more than decade-long partnership with Kaufman Music Center and build enhanced website features to delight music lovers of all ages.

With a focus on usability, the advanced search and filter functionality increased not only site speed and efficiency, but also the delight of the search for those visiting the Kaufman Music Center website. Music lovers are now able to quickly purchase tickets, register for classes, and enjoy the thrill of making and listening to live music.

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