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A Geeky Project

First Ascent Asset Management

First Ascent Asset Management needed a website that helped them stand out and easily provide up-to-date information in the crowded and ever-changing financial industry.

The challenge

First Ascent Asset Management provides portfolio management expertise, resources and support to financial advisors, who then use that information and support to sell financial products to consumers.

This is a crowded market, so First Ascent needed a website that is visually striking and would differentiate them from others in the space. They also want their target audience to feel that First Ascent is knowledgeable, friendly and informed.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Responsive Web Design / Website Design

Tablet and YouTube screenshots of First Ascent Asset Management website.

The solution

We built a fully responsive website in the WordPress content management system, including a password-protected section.

This allowed First Ascent to have an easy-to-update, public-facing site with a robust custom site for their clients after login.

The custom design includes graphics and quotations from historical figures to provide the “we are different” tone and reinforce a culture of innovation. Educational videos and written text placed throughout the site were designed to help clients understand and connect with the company.

Tablet and phone screenshots of First Ascent Asset Management website functionality.

The results

Financial advisors find the site easy to navigate and are using the site to help generate proposals and open new accounts.

Additionally, they have gained industry-wide attention for the use of videos, and competitors have studied their site and their emphasis-on-video content approach.

Says First Ascent, “The website has attracted attention and many compliments from clients, prospects and even from competitors. They are drawn in and feel that we are different.”

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We wanted to position ourselves as innovators in the industry, and the design of the website helped us do that. Visitors feel like they both know and like the company that they are working with. The website has served us extremely well in introducing clients and prospects to our firm.

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