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A Geeky Project

Viasat Managed Retailer Website Engine

Viasat Internet needed a way for their independent retailers to create beautiful, brand-compliant websites quickly and easily.

The challenge

Viasat, a global telecommunications company, has more than 1,500 retailers in the United States, selling its home internet service. They wanted to build a flexible platform that took into account three target audiences. First, retailers needed to create and manage their websites easily and showcase their individuality. Second, the marketing team needed to oversee brand compliance and push Viasat-wide content to the websites. Third, customers needed area-specific information from their retailers.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Web Application / Website Design

Viasat Managed Retailer website screenshot on ipad and iphone.

The solution

To meet this challenge, we developed a custom and robust setup wizard that walks each retailer through the creation of their website in just minutes. The wizard also takes into account the variety of retailers and their different sales models, such as those who only provide Viasat services and others who sell additional products and services.

The platform also offers two website design themes with various accent colors and font choices, giving each retailer a way to express their individuality. Any design combination creates a cohesive look, and a built-in approval phase allows Viasat’s brand managers to conduct a brand standards review prior to each launch. Additionally, retailers can customize certain content areas to provide relevant information to their customers.

Viasat website screenshot on ipad showing different plan rates

The results

Six months after launching the Managed Retailer Website Engine, Viasat retailers launched 457 retailer websites, surpassing its initial target of 250 websites created by retailers. Of all the platforms they’ve used with other service partners, retailers have said that Viasat’s is by far the best. The website engine won an Interactive Media Award in 2018 as well. Viasat is extremely pleased with the results and continues to partner with CodeGeek to implement new features to keep this platform robust and relevant.

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When we needed a WordPress Multisite, CodeGeek made it happen in short order. With hundreds of users, they help us keep the network running and continue to identify ways to improve functionality. Their team has become a natural extension of our own, and we love working with them!

Meredith Totten, Brand Manager Viasat