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A Geeky Project


ExperiencePlus! is a worldwide bicycle touring company that needed a contemporary, well-organized website with an improved tour booking process.

The challenge

ExperiencePlus! had a series of requirements for a successful website. It needed to integrate with their custom business software and improve the tour booking and reservation process for their users. Additionally, the website needed to be optimized for mobile devices and increase the usability for all visitors as they navigated through the many bicycle tours offered. It was also important to ExperiencePlus! that the new website have multiple page layouts that provided visual interest as well as better organization and presentation of their content.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Custom Plugin or API / Custom Searching and Filtering / eCommerce / Galleries and Portfolios / PDF Generation / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Web Application / Website Design

Experience Plus website showing award-winning bike tours

The solution

Updating the backend system, which included building two custom forms that “talk to” ExperiencePlus!’s new API, dramatically improved the intake process for new reservations. Additionally, ExperiencePlus! and its sister site, Cycle Europe, use two different payment gateway systems to suit their different payment needs, and now both payment systems flow into the same database. This allows the public-facing side of each site to be separate for visitors while the backend systems remain unified for staff’s ease of use.

CodeGeek also added vector maps and an interactive “Tour Finder” widget to ExperiencePlus!’s custom website. These make it easier for visitors to visually explore upcoming tours, quickly find all the tour details for a specific region of the world, and download tour itineraries from live data as PDF files.

Experience Plus website showing Croatia bike tours

The results

Mobile and desktop visitors now have a much easier time browsing and booking bicycle tours through ExperiencePlus!’s new custom website. Their staff is more readily able to manage their reservations (for both ExperiencePlus! and Cycle Europe) with several new web forms seamlessly feeding into one place through the company’s new business software. These upgrades for ExperiencePlus! solved a big business pain point for their team while simultaneously simplifying the website navigation and organization for visitors.

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From design to planning and execution, the team at Codegeek thinks of everything. I’ve now worked with them on at least 2 website redesigns and there is a reason I continue to use them!

Maria Elena Price, Co-Owner ExperiencePlus! & Cycle Europe