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Colorado State University is taking online learning to new places. This web application lets students address problems by learning from each other.

Project Highlights

  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Web Application
  • Website Design

The Challenge

Two professors at Colorado State University envisioned interactive learning software that would allow students to think creatively about hard problems. The software would allow students to learn from each other’s answers and rate them. Instructors needed a powerful interface to quickly create new exercises with a variety of formats and types of content, including images and videos. A variety of technical and interface design hurdles presented themselves in taking this project from concept to reality.


The Solution

We implemented ACTIV82LRN, a sophisticated web application with an easy-to-use student interface, a sophisticated but intuitive instructor interface, and powerful application logic. The application is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of exercise scenarios, and fast enough to serve large numbers of simultaneous users. By utilizing sophisticated front end and back end frameworks, we greatly reduced time-to-market without compromising on features.

ACTIV82LRN website on devices
ACTIV82LRN website on desktop

The Results

Students now have a way to further their learning outside the classroom on their iPhones, Android phones or tablets, iPads, and laptops. Their answers to problems are available instantly to other students, multiplying the learning potential a solution can provide. Professors can immediately see how students respond to problems and to each other. By creating tight feedback loops, ACTIV82LRN accelerates the learning process.