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Tips & Tricks from the Geeks: Email Signatures

If you use Gmail and get annoyed with email signatures taking up unnecessary space on a long email thread, do something about it! Eliminate your signature and instead try Google Lab’s Canned Responses to add in your signature only when you need it most. You also can save versions of your signature to use in different settings. For example, you might save a full version with all your contact information, company logo, and social handles, as well as a simplified version with just your contact info. Then you could use the full version on your first email to a new contact, and the simplified version after that when you need to remind people of your contact info.

This feature also works to save any text you repeat in your emails so you can avoid having to type the same thing over and over again. We’ve used it at CodeGeek for a while now and love the simplicity of the feature.

This New York Time’s tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for you.