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A Geeky Project


In their early days, Picocyl reached out to CodeGeek to develop their brand identity and build a highly customized and meticulously designed website that would help them—and their unique product—stand out.

The challenge

Picocyl is a one-of-a-kind company that produces incredibly small gas cylinders used in innovative medical tools. 

Given the specialized nature of their product, Picocyl understood the importance of marketing themselves on the web in a way that would help them stand out and express the importance of their product.

This growing company needed a website that spoke to the unique qualities of their products and business, so they approached CodeGeek to build a site that would serve as a guide for their developing brand strategy.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Galleries and Portfolios / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design

Picocyl website mobile and desktop views with beautiful art direction

The solution

CodeGeek dove deep into the tasks of developing Picocyl’s brand identity and a truly unique website, and we used every method at our disposal to deliver something truly special. 

Our designer John Patzman took on the responsibility of leading the art direction for the entire site. We worked closely with outside contractors to build a cohesive visual identity paired with beautiful photography and smooth animations. 

Nothing in the design of this site came from stock sources. Every detail was poured over to make sure the whole website was unified under a singular creative vision that would represent Picocyl—and only Picocyl.

Our internal team of developers brought this vision to life with a website that runs effectively and efficiently on all modern devices and screen sizes.

Desktop and mobile views of Picocyl product information.

The results

With this website, Picocyl’s unique product and important mission is front and center, and every detail is crafted for that purpose. 

Picocyl has since gone through another site redesign, and this inaugural website served as their guide as they continued to develop as a company and connect with their target audience.

This project is a wonderful example of the power of CodeGeek’s custom web design approach. We give our all to our clients and make sure every effort is made to create something truly custom. 

We are also proud to announce that this Picocyl website project was awarded two 2020 awards for Manufacturing Websites: w3 Award – Gold Award and Communicator Award – Award of Excellence.

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I very much appreciate all of your help and guidance throughout this process. The professionalism, vision, and design aspects that the CodeGeek team provides are superior.

Kirsten Lynggard, Picocyl