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Matheno is an engaging and productive way to perform better on math exams. A custom WordPress application provides the foundation for this forward-thinking project.

Project Highlights

  • Custom Plugin or API
  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Web Application
  • Website Design

The Challenge

Helping students succeed in calculus is a difficult challenge requiring new thinking. Textbooks lacked interactivity, and an increasing number of students didn’t perform well on exams. A physicist and lecturer at University of California, Berkeley had a creative solution but he needed a partner with the technical skills to implement his ideas. He chose CodeGeek.


The Solution

We created an interactive web application to present students with a variety of calculus problems. Students can store their solutions and track their progress, so they don’t get lost or stuck. The software helps students work with problems aimed at their level of knowledge, ensuring they learn at the fastest rate. Our custom user interface, application logic, and database storage facilitates a seamless learning experience.

Matheno site across devices
Matheno site on desktop

The Results

With Matheno, eager calculus students have a new option that makes learning faster, more effective, and leads to improved scores on exams.