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The Geeks’ 2020 Summer Movie List

CodeGeek's mascot Randall with 3D glasses

Summer just ain’t summer without spinning up a feature film on a school night.

And since CBS has dusted off its Sunday Night Movies, we figured we might as well contribute to their already-stellar lineup.

So pop some popcorn and snag those Reese’s Pieces because you’ll want to be well-nourished for this two-month movie marathon.

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Part 1 – Space, ROUSs and Going to 11

Think you’ve got your summer plans all figured out? That’s adorable.

Let’s fast-forward to the present when your energy is fading faster than that 8:30pm sunset, you’ve spent too much money on pool noodles, and all you really want to do is kick back with a good flick.

You’re in luck because the Geeks have put together Part 1 of 2 of our Summer Movie List. So warm up your streaming device because you’ve got some movie-filled nights ahead of you.

💙  Movie watching doesn’t just have to be about escapism. TV Guide has put together a list of shows and documentaries addressing racial justice, and it can be a step towards increased education, compassion and action.

Part 2 – Christmas in July, Whales and Enjoying Elevensies

Welcome to the dog days of summer, when temps linger in the high 90s and you wonder if you’ll ever again feel the sweet relief of a cool breeze across your face.

Well, grab yourself a cold one, crank up that box fan, and get ready to soak in the coolness that is Part 2 of the Geeks’ 2020 Summer Movie List.

💙  Storytelling matters, especially stories that help us toward greater understanding and prompt us toward action. We recommend adding Netflix’s Black Lives Matter collection to your watch list, which includes shows, movies, and documentaries by Black creators.