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    Adobe Flex: Top 10 Misconceptions

    James Ward of Adobe has written an informative post about the utility of Flex, why it’s a great tool for enterprise level applications as well as smaller applications, and describes a few of the key features that makes Flex so powerful (like built-in back button support and the ability to create deep links that can…

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    DYK (Did You Know?) – Part 2

    Web site development can be categorized into two distinctive types: E-commerce and Informational. We previously explored e-commerce website development. This month we will look at important considerations for informational websites. A great informational website is the difference between a web surfer becoming your customer or going to your competitor’s site. “Conversions” are an important metric…

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    Easy Website Maintenance

    Maintaining your own web site can be easy with the right tools. By maintenance, I mean having the ability to update the content of your web site, including text and pictures. As a web site owner, there are a number of options available to you. Adobe Contribute This incredible off-the-shelf software is so easy to…

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    DYK (Did You Know?) – Part 1

    Web site development can be categorized into two distinctive types:  E-commerce and Informational. This month we will briefly explore E-commerce websites.  It may be obvious that an e-commerce site exists to sell products, but there are more elements to consider when developing an e-commerce site for your business. Conversions are the number one priority for…

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    Get Found in 2008

    Is one of your resolutions in the new year to really go for it with your web site, make it even better than it is now and drive all kinds of traffic to it? I thought I’d share with you my personal plans for improving the web site and expanding our web presence. You…

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    What Makes a Website Great? – Part 1

    The best web sites take into account the visitor’s perspective first. For your web site visitor, the three most important factors are: Content & functionality Navigation & usability Design I want to point out, these were determined by a thorough scientific study consisting of me thinking about this for at least 18 seconds. The question…

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    The Secret Life of Links

    A.K.A. Don’t “click here!” Did you know that link text (also called anchor text), those few words on a web page that are the active part of a link, are the most important content on the web? This is their secret life, the understanding of which gives you great leverage to improve your web site’s…

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    Help! My Website Is Broken!

    Which web browser do you use? Firefox? Internet Explorer (IE)? Which version of IE? Why does it matter? Well, which browser you use is less important than having the realization that not everyone on the Internet uses the same web browser you do. A common mistake we all make at times in life is to…

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    Us or Them – Perspectives in Writing Good Content

    How do you write good content for your web site? I believe that the most important thing is perspective. Who are you writing for? Your web site visitor, of course. How do you write your content to appeal to your web site visitor? The person visiting your web site is trying to solve a problem…

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    Attractive Websites Work Better

    Does visual appeal matter? Absolutely. It matters a lot. It turns out that attractive things make us feel happy, and this changes our brain chemistry making it easier for us to figure out how things work, even when we encounter problems. Our emotional response to web sites and other products affects not only our perceptions,…

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