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DYK (Did You Know?) – Part 1

Web site development can be categorized into two distinctive types:  E-commerce and Informational.

This month we will briefly explore E-commerce websites.  It may be obvious that an e-commerce site exists to sell products, but there are more elements to consider when developing an e-commerce site for your business.

Conversions are the number one priority for e-commerce websites.  In this case a conversion means that a person browsing the internet not only visits your website, but also makes a purchase.  The conversion rate of an e-commerce site is in part reliant upon how a potential customer feels about your website.  If a prospect doesn’t like the feel of your site, s/he will not make a purchase.

Here are four factors to consider for e-commerce sites that make visitors feel positive:

  1. Design and layout:  “Clean” site layout and design is very important.  If your site feels too cluttered or crowded with images, text, information and products, (we call this “visual noise”) this may turn away prospects.  Your site should look professional.  Ensure your site is designed in a manner that will visually attract your potential customers.
  2. Branding:  The emotional message communicated should be the same each time your customers come into contact with your brand – whether through your web site, printed materials, or phone conversations. Putting energy into your logo, tag lines, and overall look and feel creates consistency and trust with both new prospects and existing clients.
  3. Shopping Cart:  Is it user-friendly?  If visitors cannot use your shopping cart easily, the chances are they will not go the distance and complete the purchase.  These days, there are too many competitors out there with easy-to-use shopping carts.  Make sure that your web developer knows how to create an easy to use shopping cart.
  4. Secure check out:  With the proliferation of potential of identity theft, on line shoppers need to feel safe and secure about making purchases through your site.  This can be accomplished by hiring a web designer who is knowledgeable about interfacing with secure e-commerce solutions.