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An Introduction to Behavior Design

Download. Click. Share. Purchase. These common actions are ones that brands are wishin’ and hopin’ and dreamin’ we’ll take while visiting their sites. But how do they get us to act?

It all comes down to design. Behavior design.

Being the curious monkeys that we are, we wanted to learn more about behavior design, so we invited AgencyUX owner Kevin Jeong to present at the Fort Collins Internet Pros Meetup (FCIP).

Kevin is passionate about User Experience (UX) design, research, and the balance that the behavioral sciences bring to both. During his presentation, Kevin introduced us to this new discipline, shared how behavior design works, and left us with tips to help identify good customer behaviors (with a few Star Trek references thrown in).

If you, too, are curious about behavior design, then you’re in luck! Kevin was FCIP’s first remote speaker, so we took advantage of this “first” and recorded his presentation. And hopefully, if our behavior design is effective, the action you want to take right now is to click “Play.”

Fort Collins Internet Pros Meetup Presents: Behavior Design with Kevin Jeong, August 15, 2017

*Just a heads up: There is a slight video glitch at 03:23, but after that, it’s smooth sailing.

Want more about behavior design?

Of course you do. Here are two resources that Kevin shared during his presentation:

More about Fort Collins Internet Pros (FCIP)

FCIP was founded in 2008 by Ron Zasadzinski (CodeGeek), Laurie Macomber (Blue Skies Marketing), and Debbie Campbell (Red Kite Creative). Each month we alternate between a tech topic (such as new coding languages or website development) and marketing topics (such as SEO or content development). To learn more about FCIP and our upcoming events, check out the FCIP Meetup page.