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Randall's face shown in the night sky like a Bat-Signal

Life can take us all by surprise sometimes, and that includes our websites.

Every now and then, Murphy rears his head and the unexpected happens. Fortunately, website emergencies are few and far between, but the Geeks are ready nonetheless. And that means you are too.

For times like these, we have a special email address set up so that you can contact our on-call team member lickity split:

Your project manager is also a great first point of contact for all requests about your website, so you may be wondering:

  • How do you know which email address to use?
  • What should I say?
  • What can I expect?

We’re so glad you asked! Below are the questions we get asked most often when it comes to unexpected website issues.

FAQs About Urgent Website Requests

What is a website emergency (a.k.a. urgent request)?

If any of the following things have happened to your website, then fire up the Geek-Signal and shoot us an email using

  1. your site is down
  2. your e-commerce isn’t working correctly
  3. you suspect your site has been hacked or is showing suspicious activity
  4. you have another urgent issue but it’s after regular business hours or on a weekend

How long will it take for a Geek to reply to my email?

  • For non-urgent email requests, our typical response time is one (1) business day.
  • For urgent email requests, we will respond as soon as geekily possible (business day or not).

How do I know the difference between a non-urgent and urgent request?

If your business cannot move forward due to a website issue, then that’s how you know your reply is “urgent” and that using our email address may be the way to go.

How can I help the Geeks address my urgent need as quickly as possible?

As with any urgent need, time is of the essence.

So that we can reduce the number of back-and-forth emails (and to help us look into your need asap), it’s helpful if you can provide the following details with your initial email:

  1. your site name (preferably in the subject line)
  2. a brief description of the website issue or request
  3. URL (or URLs) affected
  4. details to help us recreate the issue so we can see what you’re seeing, including:
    • what steps you took prior to seeing the issue
    • what device and/or browser you were using
  5. any other relevant information to help our team dig into the issue
  6. who we should contact with updates + their contact info
  7. your assessment of how urgent the request is
    • Please be as detailed as you can, such as: Is there a specific event or deadline you need us to meet?
    • Note: If your website is down, or if you’re seeing suspicious activity, or if your e-commerce is not working, you do not need to include your assessment of urgency. We consider these three issues to be the highest priority.

When a Geek replies to my email request, what can I expect?

Our response to both urgent and non-urgent email requests will include the following:

  • confirmation that your email has been received and read by our team
  • possible solutions, if we’re able to offer those prior to digging into the issue
  • timeline for putting together an estimate (if applicable) to address the issue
  • expectations for how much time we’ll need to address the issue

We do have a few exceptions:

  1. If we feel we can fix the issue within three (3) hours for non-urgent issues or five (5) hours for urgent issues and we have the developers on hand to make that happen, we’ll simply move forward and provide you an update when we’re finished.
  2. If not, we will send an estimate for our work and ask for your approval before proceeding.

Our goal at CodeGeek is for you to love your website and to implement the best solutions for any website need, urgent or otherwise.

If your unexpected website request falls under one of the top three specifically urgent scenarios above, you can bet we’ll do all we can to address it as quickly as possible.

(And even if your issue isn’t urgent, it’s still important to us, and we’ll make sure it gets a designated spot in our geeky queue.)

If you have any questions at all, about urgent website issues or anything else web-wise, we’d love to chat.

Thanks for trusting the Geeks with your website!