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Project Roundup: Hover, Filter and Give

Our monkey mascot Randall looking through a pink picture frame with the words "Project Roundup" at the top

Welcome to our latest Project Roundup!

While the Geeks always seem to have plenty of irons in the fire, we like to cool off every now and then to reflect on what we’ve accomplished—together and for our clients.

Who’s up in this Roundup:

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Screenshot of WyoLotto's homepage header graphic featuring modern cowboys and a backpacker looking out towards Wyoming's vistas. The text reads: "We love Wyoming" and includes the amount of money given back so far.

The Wyoming Lottery‘s mission is to sell low-cost, fun and entertaining lottery products to generate revenue for the state of Wyoming.

The project deets:

The goal of this project was to address a variety of punch list items now that the site has been out in the wild for a while, including:

✅ improved UX for checking game numbers
✅ estimated cash payout for all games
✅ “sticky” footer

Our fave feature: Hover states!

WyoLotto wanted a way to make it easier for users to select board members on their About page.

Our subtle-yet-snazzy solution was to add a hover state to each bio.

  • When a user’s mouse hovers over a board member’s photo, it turns blue.
  • This offers a visual clue letting users know who they’re about to click on.
Screenshot from WyoLotto's board of directors page. There are three headshots, and the third one has turned shades of blue to indicate that's what the site user is hovering over.

Learn more about WyoLotto and check out their updated website at:

Rit Dye

Homepage for Rit's color formula page with the text: 2023 Winner CSS Design Awards and featuring four CSS Design Awards badges

Rit Dye specializes in dyes to revitalize and upcycle all the fabrics in our lives—and they’ve been doing it for 100 years.

The project deets:

✅ Create a custom color formula filter that …
✅ … allows site visitors to enter colors they already have …
✅ … and then shows them new colors they can make with their color set.

Our fave feature: Color filter!

This color filter was super fun to build, and we have just as much fun mixing things up with the end result.

Why not give Rit’s new color filter a try?

  1. Go to:
  2. Click “All-Purpose.”
  3. Click “Filter by Products” to see a full drop-down menu.
  4. Select your products and then click “Done” to see all the colors you can create!
Selecting four different colors to mix using Rit Dye's color filter
The results of mixing four colors using Rit Dye's color filter

Learn more about Rit Dye and check out their new color filter at:

Update! –> We’re so honored to share that the custom-color formula filter was voted by the public to win three CSS Design Awards!

  • Best UI Design
  • Best UX Design
  • Best Innovation

The site was also given a Special Kudos Award by the judges to “recognize exemplary work.” 🥰

Realities For Children

Screenshot of the header image for the Realities For Children website, featuring a boy playing happily in snow

Realities For Children provides for the unmet needs of Northern Colorado children who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk.

About our partnership:

CodeGeek is proud to be a Business Member for Realities For Children. This means that we give every month (along with many other local businesses) to help support the amazing work that this organization does every day.

Check out what our Head Geek had to say about why CodeGeek decided to become a Realities For Children Business Member:

The Geeks also had the privilege of building Realities For Children’s KindConnect web app. This application connects families and kids in need with things they actually need—in real time.

Highlights from December 2022 alone:

✅ Through Bikes For Tykes, 341 children received a bicycle and new helmet.
✅ Santa’s Workshop provided new toys and winter clothing to 2,554 children.
✅ Over 8,000 teddy bears and stuffed animals were donated at the Colorado Eagles Teddy Bear Toss, giving children something to hold onto when they need a comforting hug.

In one month alone, the lives of 5,352 children were impacted through this amazing organization. 🧡

Header image for Realities For Children's KindConnect web app page, featuring a happy girl in a park smiling at the camera

“This is some of the most rewarding work we’ve ever done.”

— Ron Zasadzinski, CodeGeek CEO

Learn more about Realities For Children, partnership opportunities and their KindConnect app at:

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