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A Geeky Project


Making the leap from ExpressionEngine to WordPress, the SCRAM Systems website shows more and tells less with world-class functionality.

The challenge

As the leading provider for alcohol-monitoring hardware and software in the community corrections industry, SCRAM Systems decided to pivot from a product-focused approach to a solutions-oriented mindset for their website redesign.

The challenge was to effectively highlight SCRAM’s products without overwhelming the end-user with large quantities of text. Focusing on custom graphics and design simplicity was paramount to increasing client interaction and usability.

SCRAM’s clients also needed the ability to quickly and effectively locate nearby dealers and the products they carried.

Project highlights

Custom Design / Custom Searching and Filtering / Responsive Web Design / User Experience Design (UX) / Website Design

SCRAM website and product on tablet and desktop

The solution

Addressing the need to educate users while focusing on design simplicity, we created a stunning vertical product slider with a hover effect. As the user moves the cursor over the image, call-outs appear, detailing each product’s unique features. For mobile users, the graphic transitions to a horizontal slider to maximize space and increase usability.

To help site visitors quickly locate their desired products and associated dealers, we designed a multi-dimensional business directory. Visitors simply enter their location and can view nearby dealers.

Furthermore, they can also filter those results to view only the dealers that currently carry their desired products.

SCRAM website on tablet with woman and graph

The results

Together, these custom features create a beautiful, highly usable and efficient website that enables SCRAM Systems to provide potential customers with all the relevant information they need to make informed purchasing decisions—and increase sales as a result.

We are also proud to announce that the SCRAM Systems website redesign was awarded two 2021 Communicator Awards: Award of Excellence for Features-Interior Page Design and Award of Distinction for General-Manufacturing Websites.

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