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For Prospect and Clients: 5 Ideas for Understanding the Web Development Process


  1. Preparedness: If interested in having a website developed for you, it is helpful that you are prepared to articulate your ideas clearly to your web developer – this includes design ideas, images, and/or content.We encourage you to research other websites, including your competitors, to discover what you do and do not want for own website’s development.

  1. Team Work! Creating a successful website is a team effort and requires the participation of both the web developer and you, the client. This is because you understand your line of business best, while CodeGeek best knows the web development industry. The partnering of these two disciplines results in an exceptional website. At CodeGeek we value our business relationships. To find out more, click here. [link to the CG homepage, “Why choose CodeGeek?” section]

  1. Providing Content:If you will be responsible for providing the content, it’s important to understand two factors.One is that this step is the longest part of the web development process.And two is that well-written content is imperative — it is the message and reputation of your business.Be sure to be conscious of the content-development-time-factor in the overall web development project timeline.

  1. Understanding why a good web site costs what it does:Yes, it is cliché, but…you get what you pay for.Remember that the lowest bidder is the lowest bidder for a reason.CodeGeek puts quality effort into your website’s design, usability, functionality, content, coding, search engine optimization and any special requests that are specific to your site.It takes time and attention to create an exceptional website.

  1. CodeGeek’s Design Capabilities! CodeGeek’s design capabilities are much broader than what our portfolio displays. The sites we’ve developed reflect each individual client’s particular needs and wants for their industry. The team of professionals working at CodeGeek is capable of creating any site you can imagine. Contact today to have your website vision become a reality!