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A Geeky Project

The entrepreneurs behind the business worked with CodeGeek to develop the first-ever website on, which showcases lodging properties in the area using high-quality photography.

The challenge

The entrepreneurs behind wanted to showcase Estes Park’s lodging properties and tourist areas using spectacular photography and information they would personally gather from lodges. They partnered with a professional nature photographer to provide amazing images, so the site needed to be lightweight enough that the high-resolution photos wouldn’t impact page loading speed while also not compromising photo quality. The site backend also needed to be simple enough to use so that the site owners could easily update the extensive information on lodging properties.

Project highlights

Responsive Web Design home page on desktop and cabin landing page on mobile

The solution

Taking all that into account, CodeGeek developed with a custom interface for lodging properties and a faceted search functionality to make searching for lodging easy. The backend is a WordPress content management system that makes it simple for site owners to update property information and photo slideshows, add articles to the online magazine, and even create sidebar widgets to showcase additional content.

Home page featuring current and future weather data

The results

The clear vision of the entrepreneurs, extensive information about each lodging property, and amazing photography resulted in a site that not only showcases the beauty of Estes Park, but will also grow and evolve with their business.

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