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Air Resource Specialists (Government Agency)

Government vendor Air Resource Specialists needed to update the look and feel of multiple websites operated by the National Park Service.

Project Highlights

  • Galleries and Portfolios
  • Responsive Web Design
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Design

The Challenge

CodeGeek worked with Air Resource Specialists on two recent projects: Wyoming Air Resource Monitoring System and the National Park Service webcam pages.

The main challenge was that each site needed to appeal to two very different audience groups: the general public and data professionals who review and use the sites’ real-time data for day-to-day operations. The resulting sites had to avoid overwhelming the public with a barrage of numbers while still remaining useful to the technical group.

Additionally, these sites needed to fit seamlessly within the existing headers, footers, and navigation menus provided by the National Park Service, which introduced a unique design challenge. CodeGeek would also need to deliver template code to agency programmers for easy implementation into the proprietary website system.


The Solution

A great deal of planning went into crafting a solution that met the needs of both audience groups. To accomplish this, CodeGeek used interactive maps, dynamic photos, and visually-interesting data displays that would be visually consistent with the existing headers, footers, and navigation menus. We also made the sites responsive. In addition, CodeGeek provided code with inline comments and documentation so that agency developers could install, replicate, and tweak the programming further to meet their needs without having to go back to the source.

Air Resource Specialists pages on devices
Air Resource Specialists screenshot

The Results

The resulting web sites are more user friendly, interactive, and useful than previous versions of the websites.

Wyoming Air Resource Monitoring System’s site showcases webcam data from 10 locations across Wyoming. The pages show a multitude of data that are refreshed every hour or two and in a way that is not overwhelming or confusing to visitors.

The National Park Service Webcams site showcases hourly photos of air quality conditions at national parks across the country, including landmarks and haze indices. Visitors can view current air quality, visibility, and weather conditions as well as current webcam images from various national parks.

These projects were all delivered on time and on budget while working with multiple stakeholders and restrictive design requirements. And best of all, the client stakeholders were so thrilled with the results that we’ve worked with them on additional projects since then.

quoteWe have worked with the creative professionals at CodeGeek to design environmental public outreach sites under U.S. Government contracts for several years. The unique requirements of these contracts made CodeGeek the clear choice. CodeGeek offers the project management, design and coding expertise to meet the requirements of the contracts while providing an appealing and responsive user experience. The CodeGeek designed National Park Service webcam site has received extremely positive reviews and we expect future designs will be equally successful.quote

~ Scott Cismoski, Owner Air Resource Specialists

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