Snowman Help

How to make your own snowman:

  1. Start by clicking one of the five drawers below (Backgrounds, Characters, Head & Face, Arms & Legs, Clothing). When you click on the drawer, it will slide out to reveal all the accessories in that category.
  2. Press and hold any item and drag it on your canvas.
  3. To close the drawer, click on the drawer or tap the down arrow.
  4. Repeat as needed until you have all the accessories you want for your snowman.
  5. Drag and drop each accessory exactly where you want it to be.
  6. Discard any unwanted accessories by dragging them to the trash bin on the bottom right of the screen.


  • Want some tunes? Click the speaker icon to set your snowman-building experience to music.
  • Want to start over or make another snowman? Click the “reset” button for a new canvas.

How to share your snowman:

  1. To download your image, click the “download” icon. Your snowman canvas will download as a .png file. From there you can share your snowman with the world!
  2. To be entered to win a sweet prize, follow the instructions in the pop-up message that will appear after you click the “download” icon.

Tips for using this app on a mobile device:

  • This app works best if you use your phone or tablet in landscape mode.
  • Pinch and zoom to see more or less of your snowman canvas.

Still got questions?

We’ve got answers! Contact the Geeks anytime:

Are you sure you want to reset your canvas?

Clicking "reset" resets your snowman canvas to its original view. All accessories will return to their drawers and you will start fresh with a new canvas.

If you’d like to save this snowman before your canvas is reset, click “cancel” then select the “download” button.

Go For The Prize!

(It's super sweet.)

Two big branch-y thumbs up for building your snowman! It looks awe-mazing.
Actually, we don’t know what it looks like, but we sure would like to!

If you share your snowy creation with us by Dec 11, we’ll enter you into our sweet giveaway!

Thanks for building a snowman with us!