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Behavior design presentation cover page
Behavior design presentation cover page

An Introduction to Behavior Design

Download. Click. Share. Purchase. These common actions are ones that brands are wishin’ and hopin’ and dreamin’ we’ll take while visiting their sites. But how do they get us to act? It all comes down to design. Behavior design. Being the curious monkeys that we are, we wanted to learn more about behavior design, so... Read more about behavior design »
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CodeGeek team wearing blue beanies
CodeGeek team wearing blue beanies

Web Standards, Blue Beanies, and You

November 30 is Web Standards Day. For many, this observance doesn’t rank up there with New Year’s or even Flag Day, but its existence has impacted your life more than you probably realize. Have you ever: given your phone frustrated squinty eyes because a site you were visiting wasn’t mobile-friendly? found a website hard to... Read more about web standards »