How to speak “Developer”: Image Optimization

Visuals are incredible aids to our memory. In a memory study referenced in the book Brain Rules, people only remembered 10% of the information they heard three days prior. But by adding a photo to that information, those same people remembered 65% of the information. Nowhere is the importance of visuals more apparent than the… Read more »

Web Standards, Blue Beanies, and You

November 30 is Web Standards Day. For many, this observance doesn’t rank up there with New Year’s or even Flag Day, but its existence has impacted your life more than you probably realize. Have you ever: given your phone frustrated squinty eyes because a site you were visiting wasn’t mobile-friendly? found a website hard to… Read more »

How to speak “Developer:” Websites, Themes, & Templates

We may not all be developers in this world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t understand what they’re talking about regarding your WordPress website. Sometimes developers get so excited about their projects that they forget how to speak to non-developers. This post will help answer a common question many non-developers ask during the web development… Read more »

Tips & Tricks from the Geeks: Email Signatures

If you use Gmail and get annoyed with email signatures taking up unnecessary space on a long email thread, do something about it! Eliminate your signature and instead try Google Lab’s Canned Responses to add in your signature only when you need it most. You also can save versions of your signature to use in different… Read more »

Mobile-friendly sites boosted in search rankings

In May 2016, Google rolled out an algorithm change that boosted mobile-friendly sites in mobile searches (it did not affect desktop searches). Keep in mind that people use their smartphones on the go, but they often use them from their homes, too. Research also has found that 42% of people use mobile devices while researching… Read more »

Parallax Column in Pure CSS

Earlier this year I came across this incredible technique for creating the parallax effect (where objects closer to the viewer appear to move faster than objects in the distance) using only CSS. I’m sure you’ve seen parallax on the Internets before, you know, that site where an image moves off screen more slowly than the… Read more »

Overlapping 2D and 3D Elements in Mobile Safari

This may seem like an arcane subject, but if you are using 3D transforms in CSS, understanding it could save you some headaches. In our case, we were working on a client site with the following heading: The heading was marked up as an h3, and “RETIRED” was wrapped in a span with a flip… Read more »

Introducing Chris Alexander

We welcome Chris Alexander to the team. Chris joined us in September and works from our office at The Hive in downtown Fort Collins. Chris is an experienced programmer specializing in PHP as well as several other languages. Chris works on several large projects including creating a custom web application for Colorado State… Read more »

YouTube Audio and Video Out of Sync – (Window) Size Matters

A common request came from one of our clients the other day: “I want to include some YouTube videos on my website. Can you do that for me?” No problem! We’ll simply get your videos uploaded, find the handy “Embed” code YouTube automatically generates and put it right where you want on your webpages. The… Read more »

Develop and test websites for multiple devices using new Firefox tools

In a recent Firefox Nightly release, Firefox has added a “Responsive Mode” to their built-in web developer tools. The new Responsive Mode tool creates a window inside of your web browser that can be dragged to test your responsive website at different viewport dimensions, includes presets for common device dimensions in a drop-down menu, and… Read more »